FGC:Episode 24 Cut 327

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

KAWORU:“You're saying that is the Lilim's hope?”

SEELE C:“Hope exists in as many forms as there are people.”

SEELE A:“And that is because hope only exists in the hearts of people.”

KEEL:“However, our hope is becoming substantiated.”

SEELE B:“That is Lilith, the progenitor of mankind who are the false successors from the black moon.”

SEELE C:“And Adam, the progenitor of the Angels who are the true successors from the lost white moon.”

SEELE A:“His salvaged soul exists only within you.”

KEEL:“However, his resurrected body already exists within Ikari.”

KAWORU:“Shinji's father...”

UrsusArctos: Apart from the lingering mysteries of the conversation itself - Is it a memory of meeting with Seele? Is it something more esoteric, such as talking to the souls of the dead Angels? - this DC addition throws in a plot hole with the very last line. If Kaworu knew that Adam's body was within Ikari (which there's no ambiguity about), why was he surprised to see Lilith on the cross later? Why didn't he go after Gendo?

Dr. Nick: As wild as the idea of the monoliths representing Angel souls is, it doesn't make much sense. Why would they need disguises in the first place, since they're clearly invisible to humans? And why would they disguise themselves as Seele, taking on the form of their enemy? It's not like the show is lacking in ways to depict disembodied spirits. My take is that this is indeed supposed to be Kaworu's recollection of his mission briefing, and the wrong number of monoliths is simply an intentionally continuity-breaking artistic choice, à la Eva-02's redesign in EoE.