FGC:Episode 21 Cut 172

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Shinji waves his hand towards the bottom of the booth.

FUYUTSUKI:“Yui, this is your experiment today.”

YUI (OFF):“That's why. I want to show my child the bright future.”

Mbryo: Yui's intentions always baffled me. She knew fully well that she was going to be absorbed by the Eva in the Contact Experiment, so how does that qualify as showing her son the 'bright future'? She should have known that it was going to be a traumatic experience for Shinji. Did she intend that as well?

UrsusArctos: In the previous episode, Rei 1 stated - and Shinji outright confirmed - that he ran away from both his mother and his father after this experiment, which she could hardly have intended (unless Yui was a high-functioning sociopath, a theory that is taken seriously by quite a few fans I've run into). As I mentioned previously, we see nothing from Shinji's perspective, neither Yui nor the Eva. It's only from the full opening and tank images from 23' that we know that Eva-01 was incomplete and connected to Lilith at this point. Neither do we see the immediate aftermath of this moment, so the exact circumstances in which Shinji ran away and Gendo sent him off to live with his "sensei" remain vague to this day.