FGC:Episode 21 Cut 171

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Fuyutsuki, without looking at Ikari.

FUYUTSUKI:“Ikari, this is not a nursery school. Today is a crucial day!”

Ikari remains silent.

WOMAN:“Excavation of the core circle is complete. Ensure that it is the necessary volume. Maintain the cylindrical configuration.”

Yui's voice is projected into the station over the speakers.

YUI (OFF):“I'm sorry, Professor Fuyutsuki. I'm the one who brought him.”

MAN:“All probe needles have been implanted. Measurement equipment is all undergoing normal operation.”

UrsusArctos: Gendo seems unusually worried behind his pose, unlike his previous smugly arrogant self. Some of the dialogue at Kyoko's funeral seems to suggest that Kyoko's contact experiment happened first, driving her mad. If that's indeed the case, Gendo's worry is unsurprising.