FGC:Episode 21 Cut 136

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FUYUTSUKI (OFF):“Akagi, you too?”

AKAGI:“Yes, this is the best place to research the fundamental theories for the bio-computers of the future.”

Dr. Nick: Remember Cut 086: Seele is not a totally secret organization. They've needed to come out of the shadows somewhat in order to start in earnest working towards their end goal, which they earlier considered "naught but the pipe dreams of their ancestors". Scientists like Fuyutsuki know about the organization, and it has a terrible reputation. And despite this, Naoko Akagi happily jumps in with the creepy Kabbalistic cult simply because it's a cool research opportunity. She exemplifies the sort of myopically fixated scientist Kiel was lambasting in the opening flashback, and she stands in contrast to Yui and Fuyutsuki, who are scientists who see the bigger picture and take appropriate action to prevent wrongdoing.