FGC:Episode 21 Cut 076

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Fuyutsuki and Gendo looking through the glass.

FUYUTSUKI:“I'd heard that you were a member of the Katsuragi Research Team.”

IKARI:“Luckily, I had returned to Japan the day before the incident, so I was able to escape the tragedy.”

Fuyutsuki faces forward when he speaks.

FUYUTSUKI:“I see. Rokubungi, you...”

IKARI:“Excuse me, I have a different name now.”

Mr. Tines: Coincidence or enemy action? Gendo has no comment.

UrsusArctos: I should say enemy action. There's no reason Keel would want his chief propagandist and coverup expert to go down with those bungling scientists.

Dr. Nick: The clout the Ikari family name carries is another small thing that has more weight to it if Yui is indeed the daughter of a Seele bigwig.