FGC:Episode 21 Cut 060

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FUYUTSUKI (MONO):“But within our circle, the common opinion was that he had approached Yui for her talent and for the organization backing her.”

UrsusArctos: This is the same sketch of Gendo as from Cut 048 of the Opening and gives him an intensity and dignity that the unshaven boor from the bar brawl utterly lacked.

Mr. Tines: Much more like Straker in the "photo" than back in cut 046

Mbryo: According to CI, Yui is the daughter of a prominent member of Seele, which is why she was so deeply involved with them. Assuming that is canon AND assuming that Seele's members hadn't changed since then, this would imply that Shinji's grandpa is behind one of those Seele monoliths.