FGC:Episode 21 Cut 057

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YUI:“Oh, but Professor Fuyutsuki, he's quite a sweet person. It's just that no one knows it.”

Dr. Nick: Gendo might have initially viewed Yui as a means to an end, but he ended up falling for her for real. But did Yui genuinely have feelings for him? It's a relevant question to ask, especially since we don't get any scenes with just the two of them together. Heck, this episode shows more chemistry between Gendo/Naoko and even Fuyutsuki/Yui. But considering the structure of the episode and how these flashbacks are paired with the tragic final moments of Misato and Kaji's relationship, the parallelism might indicate that the ultimate answer is yes. Kaji loves Misato but is still willing to leave her by doing the self-sacrificing thing in order to save the world, so perhaps this was the case with Yui as well.