FGC:Episode 21 Cut 040

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03:“We have no use for an actualized god.”

Mbryo: Seele seems to truly detest the idea of man creating a new god, which is only natural considering their implied roots as a heavily religious organization. Speaking of which, the term 'god' is used to represent various different concepts in the Evangelion franchise, but in this particular case, they are referring to a being that possesses both the Furit of Life and Knowledge. Even Adam, who is the being 'closest to god' according to CI, isn't an actual god in this respect.

Dr. Nick: When discussing Seele's plan, the Classified Information text kind of wobbles between godhood and near-godhood. More than anything, Seele's dismay at Yui's little stunt feels like a hypocritical case of "godhood for me and not for thee".