FGC:Episode 21 Cut 006

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MISATO:“Abducted?! The vice Commander?”

MAN:“It happened two hours ago. He was last seen in District 8 on the west side.”

MISATO:“That's within our compound! What was your Intelligence Department doing?!”

MAN:“There's an insider who leaked information and instigated this. He was able to get the better of us.”

MISATO (OFF):“Someone who can pull the wool over the eyes of Intelligence Division 2? It can't be!”

UrsusArctos: Seele had begun setting up Kaji's execution at the start of the previous episode. The suggestion that Kaji himself abducted Fuyutsuki is questionable, since Cut 263 strongly suggests otherwise. It seems that Division 2 themselves abducted Fuyutsuki and set Kaji up to take the blame for it, with the intention of capturing him and finishing him off and presenting that as the official story to the rest of Nerv. Division 2 turns out to be under Seele's influence and remains demonstrably antagonistic to Nerv after this point, doing little to track or provide security to the Eva pilots and abandoning them outright by EoE.