FGC:Episode 19 Cut 342

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

19 C342a.jpg

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The angel’s arm being shredded bit by bit. The angel, standing in a bad state; it’s AT field springs forth.

The AT field is torn up. The angel’s body is gouged as well.

SE <<ズバッ>>

The angel is blown away; half its face is left. Suddenly its AT field greatly skews in alignment, and the upper half of its body is blown away.

SE <<シャッ>>

The lower half of its body collapses! It’s AT field is dyed in red.

SE <<ヴシュアッ チチャ>>

UrsusArctos: Eva-01 performed Sectumsempra on Zeruel before Harry Potter ever was a thing. Seeing the body that resisted an N2 mine point blank get sliced up like a sausage and the A.T. Field that held Eva-00 at bay get split in two shows just how scarily powerful this new offensive A.T. Field really is, and how an awakened Eva is capable of doing things nobody suspected was possible before.

Mbryo: This scene shows how good Yui has gotten at using her 'Eva powers' since the first berserk incident. While she did some impressive stuff against Sachiel, now she's so powerful that she's capable of destroying Zeruel, a much stronger Angel, in just a single shot. Remember how in Episode 02, she had to rip open Sachiel's A.T. Field with her both hands and then proceed to physically beat him up. Now she's capable of achieving a far more destructive effect with just a casual flick of her hand. Or perhaps this is due to her reaching a record 400% synchro rate with Shinji, since in the Manga, it appears that Shinji is capable of unlocking more of the Eva's innate abilities as his synchro rate spirals upwards during the fight with the MP Evas.