FGC:Episode 17 Cut 176

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KENSUKE:“Yeah, the one they were building in America. It's completed, isn't it?”

SHINJI:“I don't know.”

KENSUKE; I know you've got to keep it a secret, but please tell me.

SHINJI:“I really haven't heard anything!”

KENSUKE:“Haven't you heard the rumor that the activation test will be held at the second test facility in Matsushiro?”

SHINJI:“I haven't.”

KENSUKE:“The pilot hasn't been chosen yet, right?”

SHINJI:“I don't know about that stuff.”

KENSUKE:“I wish Miss Misato would pick me for it. Hey, Shinji, would you ask her for me too? I want to be an Eva pilot!”

UrsusArctos: It seems like the character development of Episode 03 and 04 has been thrown out the window at this point. And Kensuke should know by know that when Shinji says he doesn't know something, he really means it.