FGC:Episode 17 Cut 127

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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KAJI (OFF):“The intercept system here is finally going to be completed,”

KAJI (OFF):“and there isn't even one measly party planned? Nerv sure is an uptight organization.”

KAJI (OFF):“Nerv sure is an uptight organization.”

IBUKI (OFF):“Well, you know how Commander Ikari is.”

ANNOUNCEMENT:“is on schedule.”

ANNOUNCEMENT:“Will Dr. Nishizawa of the Technical Department, Section 3,”

ANNOUNCEMENT:“call Section 2 of the Development Division immediately.”

UrsusArctos: Like Fuyutsuki said in Episode 03, the intercept system is a waste of taxpayer money, so its completion is insignificant. Zeruel demonstrates that spectacularly two episodes later. As an aside, Kaji knocks a couple of the cans out with his careless throw, littering the floor in a display of careless machismo.