FGC:Episode 17 Cut 071

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TOJI (OFF):“But I can't exactly go to a girl's place alone.”

HIKARI:“Well, in that case, I'll go along...”

TOJI (OFF):“Shinji!”

UrsusArctos: The transition from scowling class representative to delighted girl happens so quickly that it's a genuine surprise. Hikari is rarely seen smiling in the presence of Asuka, and much less so in the presence of any of the three stooges!

dzzthink: To be honest, it was quite bemusing to find Hikari suddenly liking Toji. It was a sharp contrast to her usual attitude as the strict class representative. Draws an interesting parallel with Misato and Asuka who hide or deny their feelings. Hikari does this too but opens up to Toji by preparing meals for him.