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RITSUKO (OFF):“in order for us all to survive.”

MISATO:“Let go of the pure ideals, is that what you're saying?”

UrsusArctos: Given what they intend to do with the Evas once the Angels are destroyed - which Misato wondered about in the previous episode - this is one of the most pernicious half-truths in the series.

Dr. Nick: Back in the earlier days of the fandom, Ritsuko's line here was used as evidence for the fan theory that there's indeed something special about children born after the Second Impact. Or can you even call it a fan theory, if it's just swallowing an in-universe cover story hook, line and sinker?

I mean, technically she's being truthful - "children of this kind" just happens to mean children with core-fridged mommies, nothing more, nothing less.