FGC:Episode 16 Cut 204

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SHINJI A (OFF):“Who's there?”

SHINJI B (OFF):“Shinji Ikari.”

SHINJI A (OFF):“That's me.”

SHINJI B (OFF):“I am you. People have another self within themselves. The self is always composed of two people.”

SHINJI A (OFF):“Two people?”

SHINJI B (OFF):“The self which is actually seen, and the self observing that. There are many entities called Shinji Ikari. The other Shinji Ikari that exists in your mind. The Shinji Ikari in Misato Katsuragi's mind, the Shinji in Asuka Sohryu, the Shinji in Rei Ayanami, and the Shinji in Gendo Ikari. All are different Shinji Ikaris, but each of them is a true Shinji Ikari. You are afraid of those Shinji Ikaris in other people's minds.”

SHINJI A (OFF):“I'm afraid of other people hating me.”

SHINJI B (OFF):“You're afraid of being hurt.”

UrsusArctos: Shinji B - who we will see in the next cut as a little Shinji with a striped shirt - is a manifestation of Leliel. The discussion here prefigures Episode 20, the End of TV and End of Evangelion, and is drawn heavily from Ryu Murakami's Ai to Gensou no Fascism (The Fascism of Love and Fantasy). In the absence of any English translations of the Murakami novel, I've had to make do with an English translation (NOT under CC-BY-SA) of an essay by a Japanese fan here to make the connection.

Dr. Nick: We get a repeat of this method of communication in episode 23, when Armisael appears to Rei as a version of herself.