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KAJI (OFF):“Yes, this is the origin and linchpin of everything since the Second Impact. This is Adam.”

MISATO (OFF):“Adam? The First Angel is here?”

UrsusArctos: It's still a matter of debate whether Kaji deliberately lied to Misato about Lilith's identity, or if he genuinely thought (at this point, anyway) that Gendo had grown the embryo he delivered in Episode 08 into a giant. Either way, there are enough red herrings in place to deceive first-time watchers about which Angel they're looking at.

Dr. Nick: Remembering the ending of the previous episode, a first-time viewer is let to believe Rei stuck the Spear of Longinus into tiny embryo Adam to accelerate its growth, and the small dangling legs seen here are a result of this growth spurt. In reality, Lilith's always been a giant, and her lower half is missing because Eva-01 was frankensteined out of it. This ridiculous-sounding science project is actually shown in the series, as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it still image in episode 23.