FGC:Episode 10 Cut 058

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

10 C058.jpg


SHINJI:“You mean you couldn't read the questions in Japanese?”

ASUKA:“Right, I haven't learned all the Chinese characters yet. We didn't study it in college over there.”


ASUKA:“Oh, I graduated last year. So, what does this one say?”

SHINJI:“It's about thermal expansion.”

ASUKA:“Thermal expansion? That's kid stuff! To put it simply, things expand when they get hot, and shrink when they get cold.”

Mr. Tines: Chekov's gun is loaded. And the topic was first year (rising 12 years old) highschool physics back when I did it.

UrsusArctos: Can't remember if it was 6th grade or 7th grade when I was first taught the topic, but that sounds about right.

thewayneiac: The only time I got an "A" for the semester in anything science related was the semester we learned this. It was just algebra, and I was good at algebra. They'd give us the element, plus two of three of temperature, pressure, and volume, and have us solve for the missing factor.