FGC:Episode 07 Cut 147B

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

07 C147Be.jpg

07 C147Bg.jpg


A monitor screen suddenly coming to life.
For a moment we see the startup screen, but it suddenly vanishes and the word "“DELETE"” appears.

UrsusArctos: Heh, JA's software is made by "Reset Co, Ltd"! I wonder what the little bits of Kanji say. Otherwise, the computer screen is an astoundingly good piece of work for a shot that's seen momentarily.

Mr. Tines: The green screen looks like it could have been taken from, or made in imitation of, something real. The red screens look like they were built around a capture from one of the office PCs booting to DOS, but with "k" going to "T" to show it's the future. So maybe that was a 1.4PB storage disk in the trash earlier.