FGC:Episode 06 Cut 316

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C316a.jpg

06 C316c.jpg


Inside the forest, the camera pans from Unit 01’s melting arm to the entry plug from Unit 00 that it is holding (it’s already melting). Shinji stands in front of it.

Kendrix: It wasn't his bare hands, but to make up for it, he gets to expose them to immense heat twice, once through EVA 01's hands and once through the plugsuit.

InstrumentalityOne: Unit-01´s right hand kinda looks like Gendo´s hand in that cut.

Dr. Nick: Wait, in cut 314 the plug looks unharmed (probably recycled animation), but here its surface is all melted wrinkly. And why would it melt inside Zero's moist meat pouch? Was she that thoroughly cooked?