FGC:Episode 06 Cut 305

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C305a.jpg

06 C305b.jpg

06 C305c.jpg

The beam hits the Angel directly and pierces right through it.

SE <<Doom>>

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: BAAAAAH! You got me right in the core!

EvangelionFan: Ramiel: HURK! AHH, I'VE BEEN PENETRATED!!

Kendrix: Ouch.

06 C305f.jpg

A giant light spreads out behind the Angel after piercing through it.

The Angel slowly leans to the side.

SE <<Badoom>>

Trajan: Requisite in pace, Ramiel. Most of the Angels after you will fail to live up to your lofty standard.

InstrumentalityOne: Why does the Angel BURN?

Leighton: Is Ramiel made of flammable material?

Dr. Nick: Why wouldn't it burn? It's just a big methane-filled balloon.

thewayneiac: Light Angel, then get away.