FGC:Episode 06 Cut 302

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C302a.jpg

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The positron rifle fires.

SE <<Peeew>>

Kendrix: Shinji strikes back!

thewayneiac: Sounds like a great name for a sequel: Shinji no Gyakushu!

InstrumentalityOne: I always wondered how Shinji could fire at Ramiel when Rei's in the way blocking RamielĀ“s beam with that bulky shield and all.

Fireand'chutes77: The side flares though the recoil compensator are a really cool touch. It's a reminder of the raw power of this weapon.

UrsusArctos: That's actually a muzzle brake - which reduces the recoil - and not a compensator, which eliminates upward creep on an automatic firearm. Frankly, it shouldn't be there - it's siphoning off precious positrons to reduce the recoil, and positrons bring a real radiation hazard. They should've just used a rocket-powered system like that on the entry plug as a substitute if they wanted to reduce the recoil of the thing.