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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C289a.jpg


Shinji’s point of view, the monitor shows Unit 00 holding the shield.

SE <<...oooo...>>

Trajan: Enjoy this moment Rei fans, this one of the few significant things Rei will ever do in an Eva. However, it also one of the most badass things any of the pilots will do and works as character development as well.

thewayneiac: That seems grossly unfair. Let's see.... Rushing Zeruel with that N2, spearing Arael, self-destructing to save Shinji from Armisael...

bigbadtyrant: Not to mention her significance in EoE....

Kendrix: ...And doing away with Kaworu's AT-field.

Trajan: For clarification, I meant significant things while piloting an Evangelion Unit, so all the EoE stuff and dispersing Kaworu's AT Field doesn't count. Besides, I didn't say it was the only thing, I just said it was one of the few things and certainly the only one we'll see for several episodes. FWIW, Rei does more than Asuka.