FGC:Episode 06 Cut 209

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

Rei stands still, with a symbolic “moon” behind her.

REI (mutters):“Farewell.”

thewayneiac: It's very telling that the script describes the moon as "symbolic", and even has the word "moon" in quotation marks.

Xard: I guess this is the most iconic shot in the whole episode, perhaps excluding certain smile later on...

FreakyFilmFan4ever: Cue visual moon references. These contrast greatly from the sunny shots in the beginning of the episode, and visually suggest a connection between Rei and the Moon that will be explored in the series at a later date.

Additional Commentary  

Kendrix: Here we see her in an epic shot all her glorified beauty, in a pose that shows her figure and assets, saying what would have become her catchphrase if not for the events at the end of the episode, with her "emblem" behind her, in a shot that summarizes everything she is/ was until now.

I guess it means that Shinji now has a basic idea of who the person that will be accompaining him into battle actually is. She is no longer a stranger.

InstrumentalityOne: I love how she talks about being bound to the Eva and then having her stand in front of the moon in that beautiful cut.

UrsusArctos: It's as though she's longing to say "Farewell" to earth and humanity and return to the moon- her moon. The Lilith side of her is strong, even though she doesn't really understand what it is until far later.