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Rei’s feet. Rei’s clothes, taken off and thrown away at random.

SE <<Fwmp>>

FreakyFilmFan4ever: I like the contrast between Shinji's neatly folded clothes and Rei's laundry mess. I'd make a "typical female" jab here, but I was always thought Shinji's neatly folded clothing underscored how he believes that he's not coming back from the mission; almost like how a suicidal person would neatly arrange everything before attempting the deed.

Kendrix: Anno repeatedly uses similarly 'neatly folded uniforms' in a "might not be coming back context", for example, with Asuka in the baththub in episode 24, and Rei III in EoE. And man, you know someone is nervous when they neatly fold their UNDERPANTS.

FreakyFilmFan4ever: Well, two of my three sisters are really messy, the other one is very tidy. So, I guess don't know what's "typical". I just know that I've always been able to tell when my sisters have gotten dressed in the bathroom because I couldn't see the floor underneath layers and layers of wardrobe. But you're right about Rei's thinking of her mess. She probably just wasn't ordered to clean up after herself.

arael: Indeed...
Only before a swimming competition it is that I fold my underwear...