FGC:Episode 05 Cut 268

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C268a.jpg

Background behind Rei.

MAN-A (OFF, INTERCOM):“Beginning connection of pilot to Unit-00.”

Kendrix: She already looks a bit tense here. Not so much her face, but her eyes...

NemZ: Oh, and another rainbow snuck into the activation (and later deactivation) sequence.

05 C268b.jpg

05 C268c.jpg

05 C268d.jpg

05 C268e.jpg

05 C268f.jpg

Many different letters and graphics are flowing out of a metal pipe and wrapping around her.

WOMAN-A (OFF, INTERCOM):“Opening circuits.”

Cody MacArthur Fett: OH SWEET BABY MOSES, MY EYES! That shot usually passes by too quick to see in the show, but looking at it frame by frame I really do have to wonder how the pilots stay sane if they have to look at that Technicolor blizzard every time they get into their Evas.

Combs: I have wondered that too. Perhaps it's akin to the rods and cones dancing around in your eyes when you wake up, as the eva is "awakened" when contact is established. I have yet to see circular fractal patterns, however.

05 C268g.jpg

05 C268h.jpg

05 C268l.jpg

05 C268m.jpg

The last one becomes a monitoring screen.

WOMAN-A (OFF, INTERCOM):“Pulse and Harmonics normal.”

05 C268n.jpg

05 C268o.jpg

A human figure appears on the internal window (it’s Shinji).

MAN-B (OFF INTERCOM):“No problems...”

MAN:“Shape topology within normal range”

NemZ: “Normal shape typology” is a rather odd thing to concern oneself with. The shape of what?