FGC:Episode 05 Cut 196

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
The view through the broken lens. Rei is looking at the camera, naked with a bath towel draped across her shoulders.
Xard: ...and right next we get pov shot from Shinji's perspective in which we see blurred figure of Rei through said glasses. They went to the point of blurring the shot and adding cracks as if the glasses were pressed against fictitious "camera". This level of accuracy in pov shots isn't very common and calls attention to itself - they really went to extra lenghts to give us shot of Rei through Gendo's glasses.

The ramification of the motif and "countershot" for this cut must wait 'till ep 6, however.

Fireball: Now where the hell did she came from? How could she not have heared Shinji?

thewayneiac: She could have easilly missed him if she was still in the shower with the water running when he came in, but then you'd have to ask why he didn't hear the water.