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Shinji picks up the glasses and tries them on.

All outside noise stops at the same time. Shinji startles at the sound of the curtain being drawn.

SE <<shhaaa!>>

EvangelionFan: ... and then he puts them on. Why, Shinji, do you put the glasses on? What did you think you would see with those anyway?

Cody MacArthur Fett: One really has to wonder why in the world Shinji decided to try on his father's glasses. It's certainly not the weirdest thing he's done or said, but still, why?

Azathoth: What a bizarre thing to do - one of the least understandable things Shinji does in the entire series, frankly. It's not even really exploited to make Shinji resemble Gendou, which is the only thing I can think of motivating Shinji in this situation - but even that seems out of character. Does Shinji really want to become like his father? I can't imagine that.

thewayneiac: Because when you find eyeglasses lying around unattended, it's normal and natural to try them on; I've probably done it dozens of times myself. I least I thought it was normal and natural. Am I a weirdo???!!!

Fireball: No, I remember, I did this once before too. It's really not that odd. As someone who does not wear glasses, you just want to know how the world looks with 4 eyes.

Kendrix: Sometimes, Glasses exude an irresistible desire to put them on.

thewayneiac: Ah! So I'm the normal one after all. Good!