FGC:Episode 05 Cut 187

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
There is a school uniform thrown across the bed.

There is also a pair of shoes facing outward. There are bloodstains on the pillow and socks on the chair.

Kendrix: The chair is cheap plastic (again, the "bare minimum") and the metal bars of the bed look cold/hospital-like, again stressing the un-personal look of it all...

Note, however, the reading lamp there. As we see later, Rei likes to relax lying on her bed, and she also likes reading, so that lamp, metal and undecorative as it may be, could be considered something of a personal touch, and is a sort of thing a "normal" introverted girl would have on her bed.

Additional Commentary  

Kendrix: Little goof here: Those blood stains (and those in the next shot) ought to be brown by now, though. (I think Rebuild fixed that) Then again, I get the need to make sure the audience gets it's blood and the charm of red on white.

Then again, she has one without stains by the next time we see her room, and ep 14 suggests that the scent of blood is one of the things that do bother her, so maybe the stains are fresh and the poor girl has recently been coughing blood or something like that...