FGC:Episode 05 Cut 181

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C181a.jpg

05 C181b.jpg

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05 C181d.jpg

05 C181 e.jpg

The door, viewed from inside the room.

There are piles of junk mail. The door knob moves. Shinji fearfully opens the door.

SHINJI:“Excuse me?”

jetatomic: Why don't you knock the door first?

thewayneiac: Now be fair, he did ring first.

Hmmm... Why do I think she should have come out and said "Can't you read the notice?!"

Kendrix: Again an odd angle, the room is shown from the inside, giving the audience the feeling to be standing inside its darkness... Another sign of Rei's lack of concern for her own person: The front door isn't locked. You lock stuff away because there is something valuable inside, but Rei doesn't consider herself or her possesions all too valuable. ('cept for Gendo's broken glasses, but who'd steal those?). But it just contradicts that Cave-man instinct to have a safe shelter, doesn't it?