FGC:Episode 05 Cut 176

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
Around the stairs. Scraps of old notices and rusty drain spouts can be seen.
Xard: The whole 174-177 sequence is highly reminiscent of Anno's second live action film Shiki Jitsu (2000) in terms of cinematography and editing. 176's striking use of architecture in composition is particularly reminiscent of style Anno depicts similar staircases and rundown apartment building in the film with. The never stopping sound of building demolition is another link between two works. Given that SJ takes place in Ube, Anno's childhood hometown, I wonder if the look and feel of Rei's apartment block was influenced by his own past.

Kendrix: More images of decay and "oddness", there isn't even glass in the windows, and that pale light shines through the building...