FGC:Episode 05 Cut 085

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Shinji looks at his father.


FUYUTSUKI:“Where's the rest of it?”

He’s unhappy that his father is absorbed in that object, not even noticing that he’s there.

MAN (OFF):“It’s decomposing rapidly so using it as material would be highly problematic.”

Ikari (behind):“I don’t care. Throw the rest away.”

Man (OFF):“Yes, Sir.”

Shinji turns away with an expression that suggests he’s thinking “I guess someone like me doesn’t even matter…” but then he looks at Ikari again in puzzlement.

Eric Blair: Besides the obvious "I need to be a 50 feet diameter red sphere for you to pay attention to me?" part, I like how Shinji's face when noticing Gendo's hands still show the emotion of saying "My dad got injured... how?"