FGC:Episode 05 Cut 077

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C077a.jpg

The classification corner, surrounded by giant computers.

Misato and Shinji look at the screen.

Misato:“In other words you don’t know what it is?”

RITSUKO:“That’s right. Angels are made up of a strange substance that has the properties of both a wave and a particle, just like light.”

thewayneiac: I love the way that Shinji pretends he knows what they're talking about.

UrsusArctos: I think Shinji's too confused to say anything.

Eric Blair: And thus was the term "wave particle" unleashed unto eva fandom for great lulz.

Mr. Tines: Yeah -- missed this one through excessive familiarity. Could probably do to cite the Double Slit Experiment and the references to scattering fullerene molecules as waves.

05 C077b.jpg

05 C077c.jpg

05 C077d.jpg

Ritsuko drinks coffee after talking. Shinji and Misato do the same after her.

MISATO:“But you found its power source, didn’t you?”

Man 2:“The power analysis team from the second German branch office has just arrived.”

Woman:“Group work team, make Stage 3 preparations and stand by at your present location until further notice”

NemZ: the background voices offer the first hint of other Nerv bases, and specifically mentioning the German installation this acts as the second hint of Asuka's later arrival (the first being the pilot designations and an obviously missing number).