FGC:Episode 05 Cut 076

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C076a.jpg

05 C076b.jpg

05 C076c.jpg

A large amount of information is scrolling on the monitor at incredible speed.

SE <<Sound of a tape being fast-forwarded>>

Ornette: Why would a computer screen flash images of printed circuit boards to show that there's a lot of information?

UrsusArctos: The circuit board imagery looks almost like it came out of Ghost in the Shell.

05 C076d.jpg

05 C076e.jpg

SE <<Biiiiip!>>

It suddenly changes into the numbers “601”.

MISATO (OFF):“What's this?”

RITSUKO (OFF):“It’s code for ‘Unable to analyze.’”

Dr. Nick: Aaand Andromeda Strain references start here.

UrsusArctos: Indeed. For SF fans out there, it's a rather specific reference to the movie version. The 601 error doesn't exist in the novel.