FGC:Episode 05 Cut 072

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C072a.jpg

Shinji looks up at it.

SHINJI:“So this is our enemy?...”

Ornette: I wonder what bolts that large are used for. I guess with Evas, everything has to be super-sized.

Azathoth: 敵 (teki/enemy). Shinji has a bit of a fascination with that word - he's all over it in episode 11, and by his hell train moment episode 16 it's a full-blown fixation. This the first time he uses it?

05 C072c.jpg

05 C072d.jpg

Misato approaches Shinji, her back facing him.

They look on together. Man 2:“The power analysis team from the second German branch office is expected to arrive in 5 minutes. Those responsible, please stand by at Block S2.”

NemZ: I know it's just a common Japanese thing, but I can't look at Shinji in that helmet and not be reminded of the metools from Megaman.