FGC:Episode 05 Cut 060

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C060.jpg

When you look closesly, you can see a watery liquid dripping from the Eva’s hand.

MISATO (OFF):“So, what caused the accident during the experiment last time?”

RITSUKO (OFF):“We still don't know, but...”

EvangelionFan: I always liked the look of cuts 059-064, I love how it sets up a false sense of security for Episode 14...

thewayneiac: Could you elaborate on how it does that? I always found this dialogue rather disturbing, and that this is confirmed in Ep. 14.

EvangelionFan: In Episodes 06, 11 and 12, Unit-00 shows signs of functioning normally with Rei as its pilot. It is when Shinji is tested in Unit-00 that it malfunctions a second time and attempts to attack Rei. It's a feeling I've only gotten from looking at the cut in the commentary, as I recall feeling nothing from the scene otherwise.