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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C050a.jpg

05 C050d.jpg

A close up of Ikari jumping backwards.


Kendrix: At first, he instinctively lets go of the hot metall - but the uberpimp isn't stopped so easily...
Additional Commentary  

Kendrix: Oh, and look at his face. Am I the only one to see a similarity with the closeup of Shinji they show in ep 2.22? (The one that replaces the ep 19-y crazy face.)

05 C050f.jpg

His glasses fall off.
FreakyFilmFan4ever: Gendo's glasses (or barrier/AT-Field) go off...
Additional Commentary  

mechashiva: The point has been made that Gendo's glasses are a barrier between him and others: his own personal AT field especially when they take on that orange glow. Gendo very well may have been playing up his concern for the other NERV personnel (and Ritsuko) but it seems he may have been caught up in the heat of the moment and was genuinely worried about Rei's safety. The whole episode plays with this idea of exploring Rei and Gendo's dynamic but the glasses shattering shows that for that moment, Gendo felt vulnerable and felt concerned for Rei. Almost a chink in his armor. Does that make sense?