FGC:Episode 05 Cut 043

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C043a.jpg

05 C043b.jpg

Ikari's face, UP.


Logan Payne: A genuine emotional response from Commander Ikari.

EvangelionFan: One of the few times that Gendo actually has a care about anything.

Sailor Star Dust: I think that despite some fan opinions, Gendo's concern for Rei here is genuine. She's important to his goals and serves as the reminder of a certain somebody, but he still manages to show more concern for Rei (as a surrogate daughter of sorts) than concern for his own son.

Azathoth: Is Gendo having some bad memories in this cut and following? He doesn't have a very good record in situations involving Evas, prototypes undergoing testing, entry plugs, and women who look like Rei.

Kendrix: He hardly budges when a big, furious Mecha is punching the glass he's standing behind, but once his little girl is in danger, he panics like that. Reminds me of how Rei doesn't show any reaction to Asuka's insults or Shinji seeing her naked, but shows's way more of a reaction once someone insults Shinji or Gendo. They both don't think all too much about themselves, but are very protective about those they care about. I think despite his claims that he can't parent anything more complicated than a cactus (EoE), he managed to have at least some positive, or well, not entirely negative influence on Rei. If he'd only just tried raising Shinji...