FGC:Episode 05 Cut 032

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C032a.jpg

05 C032b.jpg

05 C032c.jpg

05 C032d.jpg

The glass in front of Ikari cracks up rapidly.

The glass window at the bottom of the frame breaks! A shard of glass flies in front of the camera!!

thewayneiac: As in Episode 01, Gendo seems to have supreme confidence in his shatterproof glass.

UrsusArctos: Is that glass or some sort of plastic? As far as I know, that sort of glass crumbles into little grains when it shatters instead of turning into (potentially dangerous) shards.

thewayneiac: The way it's bending in the first two images makes it look like some sort of safety glass.

NemZ: I get the feeling that at this moment Gendo is so lost in thought about the possibility that his grand plan has already failed that he simply doesn't notice the danger he's in until the last frame.

Kendrix: He isn't moving a bit untill shortly before the end and even then its just a simple step backwards no 'fast/instictual movement' - Like father like (surrogate) daughther, I guess. (See episode 14.)