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Unit 00 hits away wildly!

SE <<Bam!! Smash!!>>

Sailor Star Dust: Contrary to Episode 14 with Ritsuko, I'd say it's apparent that Gendo himself was the Eva's target in this episode.

thewayneiac: Rei 1 would certainly have motivation to go after Gendo if she knows he's the one who imprisoned her in Unit-00.

JC Denton: Eh? Yeah... no.

There's only one Rei soul (remember ep 23?), and it passes on from one Rei to the next (again, 23), so what you're suggesting doesn't make the slightest sense.

thewayneiac: They explicitly show us in Ep. 14 that Rei 1 is Unit-00's soul. Soul division is an established fact in Evangelion (remember Kyoko). Part of Rei 1's soul was placed into Unit-00, the rest went to Rei 2. The two were reunited in Rei 3 after Unt-00 self destructed. In Ep. 23, Rei 2 briefly mistakes Armisael for "the me in Eva".

The complete analysis is on the EvaGeeks Wiki.

Additional Commentary  

JC Denton: Well I'll especially pay attention to this on my upcoming 10th Eva run-through, but I never needed d&d concepts like soul splitting to understand what happens in Eva, thank you very much.

Can't see where Kyoko would come in in this theory, either; Eva-02, and what else...?

thewayneiac: Only the maternal aspects of Kyoko's soul went into Unit-02; the rest stayed with Kyoko. This explains why she doesn't recognize Asuka and why she didn't turn into LCL: she didn't lose her entire soul.

UrsusArctos: Soul splitting has never enjoyed a very wide level of acceptance, with or without the CI material. It seems as though many people find something inherently revulsive about the idea.

Sailor Star Dust: Not sure why the CI didn't mention this, but the insane part of Kyoko went inside Eva-02 after she died. There's the two-times "Please die with me!" screaming admist the "You must live/Don't die/Don't kill her." lines in M25'.