FGC:Episode 05 Cut 022

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Unit 00 walks! It moves forward with a heavy step.
Its neck movements slow down.
With its right hand, it grabs its head in a vice-grip!

SE <<Gong!!>>

IBUKI (OFF):“Unit-00 is out of control!”

Reichu: There's some real pain going on in there... She seems quite emotionally distraught.

UrsusArctos: Was the Eva trying to get her helmet off?

thewayneiac: Hmmm... That hadn't occured to me. That's a thought.

Sailor Star Dust: I can't help but wonder if there is some pilot and resident soul [mental] contact going on in this shot (similar to how Eva-00 grasps her head in Episode 14 with Shinji inside). Perhaps that's why the Eva seems to be in such pain in this shot.