FGC:Episode 04 Cut 159

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C159.jpg

Kensuke, unamused.

Kensuke:“Only an idiot fights when he knows he can't win. Balls have nothing to do with it.”

Mr. Tines: Psychologically, this guy is way and above the best qualified for Eva piloting — and yet never gets the chance.

Reichu: Well, you never know. Even for someone who seems to have their shit together, Eva piloting — or just being involved with Nerv, for that matter — seems to have a rather deconstructive effect on one's psyche. Kensuke should be glad he was never put behind the controls.

Treize X: Kensuke's answer here has amused me for quite some time. It's almost like he's insulting Toji, in a way.

Mr. Tines: Yep, it's a nerd put-down for a jock.

Reichu: The best insults are indirect ones. If you're dealing with someone as thick-skulled as Toji, the receiver won't even know he's being insulted. ^_^