FGC:Episode 03 Cut 211

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C211a.jpg

03 C211b.jpg

03 C211c.jpg

03 C211d.jpg

03 C211e.jpg

Bird's-eye view of Eva. She is still on the road, petrified with fright. Disconcerted, she flees. At the end of the cut, the whips of light enter grandiously from the foreground.
Reichu: "Run away!!" I love how Shinji just chucks the gun into a building. (Would have been funnier if he had thrown it at Shamshel. Now there's an idea for a 4-koma.) They even bothered to animate little bits of debris.

thewayneiac: Yeah! Just like the bad guys in Superman

HeWhoPostsStuff: The debris! Of course! THAT'S where the animation budget went!