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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C185a.jpg

03 C185b.jpg

Eva UP.
Reichu: That brief blurry distortion is apparently an effect of the A.T. Field being deployed. This "blur motif" will actually utilized throughout the series (although not on a totally consistent basis) in situations involving the employment of the ATF's "higher functions" — i.e., the cool stuff that Angels and Evas can do, but pathetic little humans can't.

OMF: I totally missed this for the first, like, five times through the series! Strangely enough, though, I still attributed the Eva's feats to the mysterious A.T. Field, so I must have copped it at some stage that the ATF wasn't just referring to the giant octagonal barriers that appear from time to time.

Reichu: The ATF blurs are rather more difficult to spot in the original print. But even with Renewal, they are often quite easy to miss.

Gundampilotspaz: It is important that at this point the presence of the A.T. Field is forced upon the viewer. If they do not understand it now, they will be lost later on.