FGC:Episode 03 Cut 179

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C179a.jpg 03 C179b.jpg

Shamshel, hidden behind buildings. She transforms into her battle form. The orientation of her head stays the same, while her left and right hands spread out to the sides. It's kind of eerie.
Reichu: Must… resist… urge to make… tasteless jokes…!

Soluzar: What, not even to say that it might have been funnier if they'd waited until Shogouki came out before Shamshel did that? What a waste of a good opportunity. You must be losing your edge, Reichu! ;)

Reichu: Oh, don't worry. I'm just caching my "perverted indulgence" for later on. >::D

Hexon.Arq: You know, it's easy to become jaded to seeing big monsters in the middle of cities in anime. Upon really getting a good look at this shot, I realize just how fucking terrifying Shammy would be in real life. Remember, kiddos, always take advantage of a good presentation shot when supplied one; pause it and take a moment to imagine how soaked your Underoos would be if you ever saw these guys (and gals) in your world. And then before you go to bed, tell yourself, "OMFG, it could totally happen!"

Reichu: Oddly, Shamshel's arms completely change their morphology when she switches from "flight form" to "combat form". I don't mean they simply spread apart — they do look completely different. See for yourself. And this all happens in the space between 178 and 179 — they don't bother showing how this change occurs. Sadamoto even gleans over the issue in his manga — but can you spot what he did differently?
Also, notice how Shamshel tucks away her eight legs; she has a ventral heart-shaped recess exclusively for the purpose. A pre-battle precaution, perhaps?