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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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The camera pans continuously across an uninterrupted row of urinals.

Toji (OFF):“So, what is it?”

Kensuke (OFF):“I have to see it, at least once before I die.”

Toji:“The action up there?”

Kensuke:“Nobody knows when the enemy will come the next time.”

Toji:“Kensuke, are you serious?”

A note on a urinal says, "Do not use."

Kensuke (like an officer):“If we let this opportunity escape us, we may lose it forever! (speaks normally) Please, help me unlock the gate.”

Toji:“But you'll get killed if you go out there.”

Kensuke:“You don't know if that'll happen, even if we stay here. If I could be killed anyway, I'd rather see it first.”

Toji:“Idiot. What do you think Nerv's for?”

Kensuke:“And what is Nerv's most important weapon? It's the robot the new kid pilots. He protected us the other day, but you hit him pretty hard. Twice!”

The urinating duo come into view.


Kensuke:“If he refuses to pilot the robot, we're all going to die.”


Kensuke's final words are as feigned as they are contrived (He doesn't speak in earnest; he's expedient to the last.)

Kensuke:“Don't you have a duty to watch him fight?”

As Toji speaks, he straightens up and dries himself off

Toji:“Ah, whatever.”

Mr. Tines: Ah, the classic male bonding scene.

Reichu: Must be more classic that I know. I've only seen it in two other places (Shall We Dance? and Excel Saga), both Japanese.

Mr. Tines: It may have been more common in UK domestic television. Certainly, it's a real life thing.

Incisivis: There goes Kensuke again, treating things like a game when it comes to matters related to war. I think episode #04 would be a more prudent place to explore this, though.

OMF: Kensuke is quite the observant manipulator. He's spotted the guilt that's been eating Toji and uses it quite effectively to his advantage.

Hexon.Arq: ("Do not use".) "Welp, the thing don't work, so no use cleaning it! Doop-dee doop-dee doo…"

Reichu: Notice how Toji says aho for "idiot" instead of baka. In the Kansai dialect, aho "suggests familiarity and affection rather than disdain". Some additional tidbits from M. Ryuuji:

Baka is almost gentle unless you make it sound harsh. But it's not very mean, because you can even use it grammatically to emphasize. In Kanto [where NGE takes place, BTW], baka is pretty weak and sometimes used grammatically, whereas ahou is rude. In Kansai, they trade places, but there are prefixes you can add to both to make them worse.
There are very many ways to call someone stupid in Japanese without using baka or ahou though. They are not single words, but they are much more rude. The difference is, baka and ahou are gentle enough they can be said on national television, so you see them in anime but don't hear anything worse.

On an aside, I think Toji gets the award for "Male Butt Most Often Seen" in NGE.

OMF: I believe Shinji could give him a run for his money.