FGC:Episode 03 Cut 161

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C161a.jpg

03 C161b.jpg

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03 C161d.jpg

Inside the entry plug. The LCL becomes clear with an electric charge.Shinji appears as if he were sleeping.

Ibuki (radio):“LCL electrified.”

Operator (radio):“Pressurized lock released.”

His eyes open slightly.

Shinji (MONO):“Why am I piloting this thing again, even though my father's not here?”

Soluzar: Because you enjoy being able to play the victim. Now stop that whingeing.

Reichu: Ohhhhh… But he looks so PITIFUL here! (Bottom thumbnail, especially.) If only Shamshel could have seen this, she surely would have cried herself into defeat.

OMF: It is important to note that Shinji really doesn't have any idea why he's piloting Eva at this point. He seems to think the only reason is because he's the commander's son, not because of any personal qualities he may possess. He's simply been shoved into the cockpit without any explanations and left to draw his own conclusions.

03 C161e.jpg

03 C161f.jpg

(Insert Toji censuring Shinji.)

03 C161g.jpg

His expression changes subtly.

Shinji:“Even though I got beat up?”

Gundampilotspaz: Shinji is supposed to believe that he did something noble and glorious the first time he pilotted. But as he looks around, he learns that people are leaving the city (episode #02, 079) — and then he is beat up for piloting the Evangelion. Slowly the Evangelion is being imprinted onto his mind as a negative thing.