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A fishing harbor in the vicinity of Manazuru. Beyond a lighthouse, the Angel passes through at an ultra-low altitude with incredible speed. She's long!

SE <<Siren>>

Reichu: Long is right! Shamshel's long, slender body has earned her a considerable degree of notoriety. You can probably guess the reasons.

thewayneiac: Cue the fun debate about Shamshel's gender.

Sharp-kun: Ever seen Mystery Yaoi Theatre 3000? I'll never look at Shamshel the same way again. T_T As the AMV was to be kept reasonably non-hentai, Shamshel stood in for a certain part of male anatomy.

Reichu: Although, of course, that AMV's creators edited out Sham's arms to enhance the resemblance…
If nothing else, it's humorously ironic that Shamshel's designer, Yoshitoh Asari (also responsible for Sachiel), chose to depict the Angel as a female in his "Angel Kiss" cartoons. In one, published in the second volume of the manga, we learn that Shamshel has a big crush on Sachiel (who can blame her?). In the second, apparently published in the H-doujinshi anthology Evangelibon, that attraction is, ahem, consumated… (Wouldn't that be incest?) Asari obviously knows Shamshel better than any of us, so if he portrays her as a female… then a chick she must be. :demonic laughter:

Manazuru is a peninsula to the southeast of Hakone (= Tokyo-3), considered "the ideal site for fishing and diving". BTW, does anyone know if this lighthouse represents a real one?