FGC:Episode 03 Cut 142

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C142.jpg

Aoba in front of Misato. Misato looks at him.

Misato:“Status of noncombatants and civilians?”

Aoba:“We've already received reports that the evacuation has been completed.”

Man (OFF):“Incoming call from Optical Observatory 3. An abnormal magnetic field observed in the target's periphery.”

Woman (OFF):“Gauge particle count is 496. Pulse mode confirmed at 240.”

BGM END: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

HeWhoPostsStuff: I'd guess Misato was probably still asleep (or something like it, anyways) when the emergency call went out, as she's not fully in uniform here… Guess she just threw on whatever was handy and rushed out.

Reichu: Misato actually wears a number of different outfits to work (aside from her standard black one-piece with the cross pendant) in these early episodes, including jeans next up. Her Official Nerv Bumfreezer seems to be the only mandatory part of her uniform, save for more formal occasions (as we'll see in episode #07).

Mr. Tines: Gauge particles are the particle quantized form of the fundamental forces: photons for electromagnetic force, W for the weak nuclear force, gluons for the strong, and gravitons for gravitation.

Reichu: Both here and in episode #01, abnormal magnetic fields are associated with the Angels. I wonder what this implies? An effect of the ATF or utilization of the Super-Solenoid? What does it have to do with gauge particles? And what is "pulse mode"?

Mr. Tines: I have no idea. This seems to be another place where a term from real physics has been drafted in to help bolster the rubber science.