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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C123b.jpg

Rei informs him without changing her expression.

Rei:“An emergency call. I'll go on ahead.”

She leaves.

OMF: Apart from two "Hai's and a few painful gasps, Rei's first words are ones of duty. Duty, and a sense of it, is really key to her whole character, I think. Duty to what and to whom, though? Now that's really what makes Rei so interesting.

Magami No ER: It's nice that the show doesn't wreck this moment with unneeded fan service, as a panty-shot. They go straight for nudity (two episodes from now). ;p

Mr. Tines: And I don't recall Rei putting on a petticoat or slip in any other scene.

Magami No ER: I'm pretty sure that's just the interior fabric (white cloth with some ruffles) sewn underneath the skirt. We see her get changed into her uniform in episode #05, and she puts on no petticoat. :lol: