FGC:Episode 03 Cut 109

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
Toji looking down, resembling Bunta Sugawara. His eyes are narrowed and he is deliberating putting on an air of calmness.

Toji:“Sorry, transferee, but I've gotta beat you up! I won't feel right until I've smacked you.”

Soluzar: "Ahh. I see, well, that makes it OK then. Go right ahead."

thewayneiac: Isn't Toji risking getting hauled off to the Gulag for this?

Reichu: This is the real reason Toji is the only candidate from Class 2-A who was ever used. ;;>

OMF:: Toji is, in his own way, immediately apologetic here. He's not a sadist; I think he's really doing this reluctantly.

Reichu: Certainly, it doesn't improve his mood any, even though he seemed to think it would.

HeWhoPostsStuff: A quick search for "Bunta Sugawara" reveals that he's an old Japanese actor who played a lot of "yakuza" (Japanese gangster) parts. Here's a picture; maybe looks a little like ol' Toji.

Reichu: The haircut looks vaguely similar, if nothing else. Anyone want to look deeper into it?